How to make working from home work for you

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How to make working form home work for you

Exciting new book
  How to make working from home
work for you
Everything you need to know about working from home effectively
by Rachael Ross
  also including the BONUS REPORT: 10 mistakes made when working from home
ISBN 978-1-905493-28-9, 136 pages, paperback
Publisher: Filament Publishing, 1st edition, 01 July 2010

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How to make working from home work for you is packed full of invaluable advice to help make your working environment personalised to your own working style. From cover to cover it advises on turning those chore-like activities into quick and easy tasks that get completed in the blink of an eye. 
This book from the UK’s top home and office organising expert - Rachael Ross, will completely transform your attitude to the home-office environment, making it a real pleasure to work in.

If you have ever wondered what makes a home office a success, this book will provide you with straight-forward, practical advice looking into exactly what is needed. This advice ranges from establishing your working area, the importance of effective storage, introducing productive habits and conquering isolation to name a few. Once you have created your own, more harmonious working environment. You will be guided through some of the more powerful techniques for motivating yourself to squeeze more out of the working day. Allowing you to free up time to spend on the things you value most in your life so that you maintain healthy balance.

Each chapter tackles a specific aspect of working from home. Culminating with space at the end, for you to write down the steps you are going to take in order to ensure that you have your own success at home. The book is topped off with a bonus chapter packed full of money-saving tips to help you get organised. 

“How to make working from home work for you” is essential reading for anyone with the desire to master the skills needed to successfully work from home.

“How to make working from home work for you”, is packed full of invaluable advice to help make your working

Buy now and  receive a bonus report: 10 mistakes make when working from home

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